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Sypha (Zombie)

The Reanimated Sorceress


The lands surrounding Dracula's Castle are a strange and wild place. Magic roams rampant, casting bursts and shocks as it moves (and occasionally feeding on lesser spells and hexes). This magic is often searching for a nexus, a way point to discharge itself. And it found it in the long dead body of Sypha Belnades.

Sypha, as you may remember, was one of three companions that aided Trevor Belmont in his attack on Dracula. She later married Trevor and helped to further the Belmont clan. She did die, eventually, and her corpse was laid to reset in the lands of Romania.

How she came back in open for debate. Some speculate that it was the dark sorcerer Shaft who brought her (along with zombified corpses of Trevor and Grant). Others think it was an accident, that Sypha somehow rose from the dead due to dark magical discharge and came back as an evil fiend (who then resurrected Trevor and Grant on her own). Still, some speculate it was a curse laid upon her before she died, possibly even by Dracula himself.

Now Sypha works for the Dark Lord, casting her own incantations to further his plans and aid the day when Dracula once again rules the world.

Personality Details:

Not that she'd be upset leaving Dracula's Castle never to return. The dark magic that brought her back ties Sypha to the demon lord's lands. She works to find a way to free herself but so far she's been unsuccessful.

Not that she's all that helpful in Dracula's plans. Like so many of his minions, Sypha is only half-interested in helping the dark lord -- most of the time she's experimenting and conjuring, exploring the dark lands and their darker powers. She has an eternity as a zombie to look forward to, so she has plenty of time to work her dark gifts and learn the unspeakable arts.

She'll speak them, though. She is evil, after all.

Cast Comic

First Appearance: #26: Inhuman Resources
Last Appearance: #11: Forward to the Past