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Solstice Alec

The Purple Holiday Alec Prelude


So by now you're probably aware that there are multiple Alec Preludes. More than just a good version and his evil (Mirror Universe) counterpart, there are other Alecs as well. These guys came into being when Alec held the Four Sword aloft and summons himself some clones. Getting them to appear was easy, but getting them to go back into the sword proved more difficult. The other Alecs (Red, Blue, and Purple) stuck around... probably much longer than they really should have. Eventually the original Alec (Green) found the sword wouldn't accept the other Alecs at all, and all four were permanent.

The other Alecs went off to have a music career (some say with yet another Alec Green, which... try and figure out how that worked)... and then disaster struck. A freak accident at a concert killed all but Alec Purple. The world was reduced by several Alec Preludes, and the music scene was never the same afterwards.

However, Alec Green still had the Four Sword. When Santa Claus died (a different story, for sure), Alec threw caution to the wind and used the blade once again. This summoned forth a new Red, a new Blue, and a second Purple. The original Purple (Purple I) had just gotten in with a band (Righteous Heretics) and really wasn't interested in being involved in some weird Holidays thing, so the new Purple (Purple II) took on the duties of assisting Alec Red II (Santa Alec)... and then Alec Blue II (Chanukah Alec).

It was only a matter of time, then, before they roped him in and made him a full member of the team. Alec Purple II became Solstice Alec and... well, he had every holiday not covered by Santa and Chanukah dumped on him. Sometimes its sucks to be the last person in the party.

Personality Details:

Solstice Alec is ostensibly in charge of all the Pagan and Wiccan holidays, but that really doesn't leave a lot out. If it's not Christian and it's not Jewish but it has a holiday around the same time of year, it's, what? Usually just national holidays or some day devoted to one of the lesser gods, goddesses, demons or devils. Solstice Alec doesn't judge -- he's immersed himself in every religion he can, learned all he could, and has devoted himself to delivering presents to ever kid that Santa and Chanukah so rudely ignored.

He is, quite bluntly, busy enough that he could really use some help. Maybe he could get Purple I to come help one day...

Cast Comic

First Appearance: The Four Swords
Last Appearance: #12: CVRPG Six, Part 2