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Simon Belmont


Throughout the ages there has been a family of hunters. These great warriors have defended the land of Romania from the evils of vampires, werewolves, terrible customer service and poor tippers. These brave vampire hunters were the Belmonts, and most famous of all was Simon.

Sure, growing up Simon had a lot to live up to. He had not one, but three famous ancestors, all of whom had fought, and defeated, Dracula decades and centuries before. But the feared Prince of Darkness (talkin' 'bout Dracula, son) was a tenacious bastard and would come back from the dead, over and over, every hundred years. Simon knew that one day he would have to face off with Dracula (like clockwork), and sure enough, that day did arrive.

Remarkably (considering some of his later descendants -- looking at you, Richter), Simon hadnled himself well, defeating Dracula with a minimum of fuss and just a little bit of muss (does anyone know how to get vampire blood out of armor?). The day was saved and Dracula was sent packing to his grave for... wait, only seven years?

Yes, unbeknownst to Simon, Dracula had set a curse on the vampire hunter (very quickly, in between dying breaths). If Simon was unable to bring the pieces of Dracula's body back together and resurrect the damned bat-head, Simon would die. Obviously, Simon wasn't interested in that outcome.

And so it was that Simon returned to the world of hunting vampires (having retired and opened up a commemorative snow globe shop). He scoured the land, far and wide, to find the five pieces of Dracula (yes, even that piece, you pervs). He then brought the parts together, said a little dark incantation (klatu, verata, necktie), and BOOM! Dracula was reborn. And then killed again, because Simon wasn't having any of that bullshit.

And thus Dracula was sent packing back to his grave for... oh for the love of god! Only one year?! What the hell?! As it turned out, Dracula's first resurrection (eight years ago at this count) was by a dark ritual and, through a loophole, Dracula was still entitled to rise at the 100 year mark. Seriously, that man has the best agent in the business.

By now you know the story. Dracula comes back, and then Simon goes to the vampire's castle. The two fight, and Dracula is defeated. The townspeople rejoice and bury the undead freak (this time under several tons of concrete). And Simon is able to go back to his true love -- creating tiny towns and encasing them in globes of water and glass. Seriously, if you're ever in town, you should check out his shop.

Dracula, wisely, elected to wait on coming back again until after Simon was dead.

Personality Details:

Starting out, Simon was unsure of himself. The Belmont name came with a lot of responsibility, and it's hard to live up to that kind of history. He went to Dracula's castle with some trepidation, not knowing if that would be the time Dracula finally had the upper hand and was going to win the day.

However, Simon was the better warrior. And, as the years wore on and he had to fight Dracula again and again (seriously, one time I think they ran into each other at the grocery store and there was a cleanup in aisle three after that encounter), Simon turned into a grizzled old hunter. He knows the drill, he's the best at what he does, and no goddamned bat-head if gonna fuck with him.

Cast Comic

First Appearance: DSWC Heroes Introduction #4: The Lineage
Last Appearance: #12: CVRPG Six, Part 2