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Santa Alec

The Red Holiday Alec Prelude


To understand Santa Alec, we first have to go back to how he came into being. You see, long ago there was just one Alec Prelude (well, at least, in this dimension, but that's another story) and the world was a good and just place. However, Alec met up with Link. Well, okay, he met up with Link's corpse (another long story), and Alec looted the body. What?! The treasure was just sitting there! Waste not, want not.

Anywho, among the random tunics and old sock hats that lived in Link's carry-all bag, Alec found a sword. Not just any sword, though -- the Four Sword. With this blade, Alec was able to summon forth three extra copies of himself: Blue, Purple, and Red. Alec then used this blade to fight off the growing advances of Dracula (yet another long story), and the universe was back to being a good and just place.

And then Santa died. Yes, the literal Santa Claus. He was reaped by the Grim Reaper, and that was the end of that jolly old man. Alec (being the innocent soul that he is) realized the world needed a Santa Claus (he'd watched enough Rankin Bass movies to know that) and so he enlisted his Red copy to handle the holidays.

And thus did Santa Alec come into being.

Personality Details:

Of the three Holiday Alecs, Red is the most traditional. He's very into the common lore and beliefs of his holiday and sticks to the traditions. That means traveling around on reindeer and fighting with the decorations of the season. His shield is made up to look like a present, his sword is a candy cane, and he has ornaments for bombs. He spreads the tiding and good cheer, and he spreads them violently.

But then, if you really read up on all the lore about Ol' Saint Nick, that man was kind of a monster, too.

Cast Comic

First Appearance: The Four Swords
Last Appearance: #12: CVRPG Six, Part 2