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Samus Aran


Although most of the time hero stories start with a statement that "the child was known from an early age to be very special", Samus was just a kid. A girl on a mining planet, minding her own business, until one day the planet was attacked by Space Pirates. As the name would imply, Space Pirates were very bad guys, genetically engineered creatures designed to raid and kill. They did both these things to Samus's home planet, killing her parents, her friends, her neighbors, and everyone else. Everyone.

That would be the end of the story right there -- whod expect a young kind to survive on their own alone on a planet? But Samus was saved by a race of bird-like aliens: the Chozo. They took the child in, took her to their home planet, Zebes, and trained her in their ways (which included a whole lot of kicking as with fancy weapons). When she was grown up they gave her a set of Power Armor and sent her to find her way. Samus was free to make her own life.

Of course, when you're raised by giant bird creatures who seem to specialize in weapons and martial arts, the only pace you're going to find a life is in the military (well, or living with a bunch of mutant turtles in the sewers). But military life wasn't for Samus -- she's not much of a joiner -- so after a few months spent listening to other people's commands she went off on her own. She chose the life of a bounty hunter, a job where she could fight for justice (and maybe a bit of revenge on the Space Pirates) but do it on her terms.

Speaking of the Space Pirates, though, their part of the story wasn't over yet. While Samus was off working as a Bounty Hunter, her new home was attacked by Space Pirates (because they're always looking for screw with her). She had to go back and defeat the Space Pirate threat (not that she wasn't up for it anyway) since they'd corrupter her new home and killed her adopted family.

And then, after that, she had to do it again. And again. And again. A bounty hunter's job is never done.

Personality Details:

Stoic to a fault, Samus doesn't really talk much. Sure, she knows how, and she's fully capable of holding a conversation. But most of the time Samus is strong and silent, letting her guns handle the "conversating".

But she is really, really good with those guns. While her basic shot is powerful enough, Samus has learned how to equip and adapt various beams to her guns, altering and enhancing her cannon with glorious new powers.

Of course, in a pinch, Samus can also rely on her full arsenal of powers and abilities, from missiles to bombs to super missile to super bombs to ice missiles to... well, let's just say she has a lot of explosives. She's ready for all terrains and all encounters, so don't get on her bad side.

Cast Comic

First Appearance: DSWC Heroes Introduction #6: Let's Learn About Metroids
Last Appearance: #11: Forward to the Past