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Richter Belmont II

The Clone


The realms of Dracula's castle are a weird and wonderful place (and we use wonderful to mean "full of wonder", since they're also dangerous, horrifying, deadly, creepy, icky, menacing, and will prove staggeringly suicidal for anyone stupid enough to enter). The magics of the realm (usually dark, certainly catastrophic) can cause any number of (ghastly) creations and (unintended) reactions. And it's from one of those magic episodes that we have the Richter Clone (aka Richter II, Evil Richter, and, ironically, Richter the Good).

You see, in the lands of Romania there are such things a "doppelgangers", beings that can magically take on the form of other living creatures. Sometimes these beings permanently take on the form (and personality) of another sentient being, and can actually take over their entire lives if not stopped. The Richter Clone was one such being, created as an evil version of the hero, Richter Belmont, and intended to take over Richter's life (and probably kill him as well).

But there was a small issue. See, to create an "evil" version of a person, the magic looks to invert the original person's morals. Unfortunately, Richter Belmont is a largely amoral person. Inverting Richter Belmont actually had the unintended consequence of actually making someone more good than Richter, not more evil (as that's almost impossible to do). As such, Evil Richter is, in fact, Richter the Good, a more kind-hearted (is still impeccably lazy) individual. When the Richter Clone took over Richter's life, he actually ended up making things better: Richter's wife, Annette, was happier; Richter's town, Aljiba (maybe?) was safer, and Richter's job (fighting the forces of the undead) was done marginally better.

It's a weird, wonderful realm.

Personality Details:

As mentioned, the Richter Clone is a better person than Richter Belmont. While he shares the same basic motivations and personality traits (a bit on the lazy side, with an over-powering need to drink and get laid), his inverse-personality means that he actually errs on the side of being good. When it comes to his personal life, the Richter Clone actually stays in a monogamous relationship (one with a whole lot of sex), and only drinks to relax (and certainly only in moderation).

When it comes to his work life -- that of a Vampire Killer -- things are a bit more muddied. See, it's not that the Richter Clone isn't good at fighting (he's quite good at it in fact, even if he can't use the holy items Richter Belmont uses, since he's still technically an unholy being), but he's fighting two overpowering urges:

  • Richter Belmont is a lazy sonofabitch, and the Richter Clone has to fight the urge to sit back, put his feet up, and drink a pint any time the world is in danger.
  • Technically, the Richter Clone is a Vampire Helper, not a Vampire Hunter. To go after the forces of evil strikes against the core of his being. He wasn't made to fight evil, only good.

The Richter Clone is good, but part of him wants to do bad things. It's not much of a conflict, though, since most of him wants to run from battle and settle into a nearby tavern.

In the end, as with the original recipe Richter, the Clone ends up not doing much (but what he does he's slightly better at).

Cast Comic

First Appearance: #41: Mail Order
Last Appearance: #12: CVRPG Six, Part 2