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Kids these days, right? They grow up so fast. They're born, they go to school, they buy turtles from a pet shop, then they lose them down the sewers so the turtles can get covered in mutagenic goo, grow to become humanoid super-turtles, get trained by a giant rat in the ways of the ninja, and become protectors of New York. Tale as old as time, you know? Something every kid goes through.

But those turtles, man. Those were something special. Not just any turtles could have handled the goo. Not just any turtles could have learned ninjitsu with such ease. These were special turtles. Brave turtles. Honorable turtles. Angry turtles... well, okay. Just one of them.

While each of the turtles was special in their own way, Raphael became the best warrior of the bunch. Strong and fast and deadly, Raph was the one who could reliably handle himself in a fight no matter what... so long as he kept his anger in check. But, man, was it hard for him to keep it in check. No one had a shorter fuse than Raph, which would get him into trouble time and again. The Shredder knew how to push his buttons, as did the Krang, the Triceratons. Hell, everyone knew. It was hard not to know. He'd blow his top for anything little slight, and then it was uncontrollable rage monster time.

The Hulk was a mild-mannered, self-controlled man in comparison to Raphael is what we're saying.

Personality Details:

Despite his rage, Raph can be trusted in a fight. He's the turtle that always has your back, the one that will always pick you up when the chips are down and you've been beaten, bloody, are there on the ground on your back. He's who you turn to.

That's different from being the leader, though. Raph is not the leader of the turtles, and that's something that makes him quite angry at times. But then, everything makes him angry, so that's not really a surprise.

Cast Comic

First Appearance: DSWC Heroes Introduction #13: Let's Kick Shell
Last Appearance: #12: CVRPG Six, Part 2