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Olrox (Mirror)

The Other Vampire Lord of Earth 2


Vampire lords come and go. The thing about the dark gifts all vampires get is that some of them get more of the gifts than others. They can build up more power, gain more minions, and that gives them the designation of "Lord" (or "Master" if you're into hanky-panky). These vampire lords battle each other for territory, and often you end up with one vampire lord left standing, one dead, and twice the territory owned. It's a simple arrangement.

Sometimes, though, the two vampire lords face off but they don't end up dead -- one becomes the minion of the other, showing who was the true power in the realm. Such was the case with Olrox a great vampire lord in Germany, who went up against Lord Dracula, lost, and became his lackey.

That would be the end of the story if not for a young vampire named Darkmoon. He was created by Dracula, gained many of the vampire lord's powers and then, when Dracula was defeated, he took over as the new lord of the castle. The thing is, that was a title Olrox wanted. In his thoughts, the title of "lord of the castle" should have been his. He was next in line, damn it.

But Darkmoon stole Dracula's powers, took them, whole-hog, from the dead corpse, preventing that vampire lord from coming back. With all that power he was easily able to crush Olrox. The German vampire was demoted further, made into little more than an errand boy, and the new lord of the castle went on to plot his new empire.

One day, though, Olrox will have his revenge... That, or he'll remain a screw up.

Personality Details:

The Olrox of Earth 2 had as many great plans as his Earth 1 counterpart, was ready to rule the world if not for Dracula. What wasn't expected was Darkmoon, a Darkmon wiling to steal power from every source he could. Olrox knows that in a match up he wouldn't be able to take on Darkmoon, so he has to bide his time. Maybe one day, he think, but not today.

Deep down, really, maybe Olrox just likes being a minion better. It's less stress, and he doesn't have to fight against other vampires on a near-constant basis. There's something to be said for last place.

Cast Comic

First Appearance: Olrox and Zombie are Dead
Last Appearance: #12: CVRPG Six, Part 2