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Lord of Another Realm


There are worlds beyond out own. Many mirror our own world, following similar timelines, having similar physical and magical rules. Other worlds, though, feature their own sets of rules, their own gods and goddesses, magics and mayhems. One such world, the plane of the Necromancer, was one that evolved from it's own god particle, and evolved into a world not unlike our own, but ruled by it's own special lord.

The trick with all universes, not just pocket universes like the one ruled by the Necromancer, is that they have only a finite amount of belief to them. Gods require power, and power for gods is belief. Without many believers in the world, as the plane of the Necromancer is a lonely one, leaves a diminishing source of power in the universe. Gods need belief, though, or they fade away.

That's why the Necromancer hatched his plans. He would pull heroes into his universe, have them perform deeds he commanded, built up his esteem in their eyes, and then he'd kill them, stealing their magic, their belief, all at once. It worked wonderfully, keeping him charged for centuries...

Until he finally pulled in the wrong batch of heroes.

Personality Details:

Although he calls himself "The Necromancer", the god in charge of his own universe is really so much more than that. He has the power to shape the world to his will, populate it with dreams and nightmares, memories from the heads of heroes. He can bend reality in any number of ways, changing up how things are viewed, how they work.

But, then, all of those powers require belief to charge them. Using his powers for his magical traps uses up the very thing keeping him alive. So it's a delicate balance between staying alive and using his wonderful powers.

Cast Comic

First Appearance: #1362: Another Land
Last Appearance: #12: CVRPG Six, Part 2