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Mimi Sandford

Petty Officer


Mimi was one of the new crew hired on to the Siren once it became a space-faring vessel. She didn't originally have any designs on being a crew member on a "military" ship; unlike many of the members hired on, Mimi wasn't current or former military. Instead she was working at a space station as a short-order cook, one of a number of blue collar workers who went out into space to find fame and fortune but instead just found another job much like they had on the planets they left. When an opportunity, with better pay, came up on the Siren, Mimi took it just to get away from fry grease and bad shakes.

Since joining, Mimi has steadily worked her way up in responsibility, getting promoted to Petty Officer within a few short months. This makes her a reliable comrade among the "Lower Decks", someone that's always there to assist and help her fellow crew mates.

Personality Details:

Mimi is dutiful and resourceful but, due to her personal background, brings a different perspective to dealings on the ship than other, military-trained members. Her "civilian" insights can be relied on, though, to provide a new perspective on situations. This can be helpful, sometimes, when the ship has to serve in capacities outside that of a warship.

She's not sure if she'll stay with the ship long term but as long as the pay is good and she feels appreciated she doesn't really feel the need to go anywhere else.

Cast Comic

First Appearance: #3006: Back on Deck
Last Appearance: #12: CVRPG Six, Part 2