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Katrina D'Sorciere (Mirror)

The Katrina of Earth 2


When discussing Katrina's history, two important details have to be mentioned: one is that she is a sorceress, and the other is that she had enough power to make any who wronged her sorry for their mistake. She wasn't always a trained sorceress, but she's always had a bit of a temper.

Although she didn't realize she had magical abilities until her teenage years, the magic was always there. Katrina was a natural mage, a woman who had a wild magic aura around her at all times, simply waiting for the right moment to come to fruition, to burst forth with wrath and fury. All it took was one small instance and suddenly the magic flowed forth, fire and brimstone, ash and rage.

When her magic manifested, Katrina fed from the fearful townsfolk of her village. They tried to kill her, to stone her and drag her back to town to burn her at the stake, but she fought them off, running from their blows, hiding in the woods. She eventually found herself at a school for the magically inclined, a place where she could learn to hone her natural ability. And she did, learning all she could, but she did it with the understanding that all this power would be used for her revenge.

Gaining power over her gifts, Katrina become one of the most powerful mages at the school. Sensing that her teachers were fearful of her (or maybe she just wanted them to be), Katrina burned the ruling counsel. She absorbed all the magic she could from their library, striping the pages of the many books bare, then stalked her way back to her home town for final retribution.

She melted it down to its foundations, leaving nothing back crackling rocks and cement. Her powerful display, though, drew the attention of a local vampire lord, Darkmoon. He offered her a place of high esteem within his ranks, a home where she could use her gifts as she saw fit. She accepted, and grew to be one of his most trusted lieutenants.

Personality Details:

Although she started off as a wild mage, Katrina quick gained control of her power, learning to hone the magic to a fine edge. She can craft many spells, use her gifts in any number of ways, and never lose control. However, her magic doesn't have the chance to unless the very powerful blasts that were possible with her wild spells. That was her trade off -- better control for somewhat less power.

As one of Darkmoon's lieutenants, Katrina works to continue his existence, finding ways to bring him back if he dies. Much like with Dracula, Darkmoon requires mages to power his eventual return, and Katrina is chief among them, working her magics to resurrect the dark lord as needed.

Cast Comic

First Appearance: #335: The End in Sight?
Last Appearance: #3380: Apparently She Can