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Isabella (Mirror)

The Queen of Earth 2


Raised as a assassin, the next in line to take over her father's band of mercenaries, Isabella was trained in the dark skills, strength and blood. She would become a mighty ruler of her men and, one day, the world.

Isabella is cold, an edge of steel, a heart of ice. She spent years among the people, seeing the evil they were capable of, the darkness that lived in every man. She learned from them, the skills they showed, the evil the did, and she found her power among the basest of men.

Then she found a kingdom, one with an inept king and no proper heirs. She staged a coup, fomented a rebellion, and she (and her band of killers) were at the center of it, the head of it. The lead the charge, took over the kingdom, and became the queen

It was then that a certain Dark Lord, one who said he already ruled the country (and all the countries around it). Isabella had just taken out his puppet government. Instead of being angry, though, he said he was happy to have Isabella on his team. And he made her an offer: join with his growing legion or monsters and murderers or die and be replaced by the next puppet regime.

So she joined. She saw potential for more power, and she gladly grabbed for it.

Personality Details:

Isabella was trained to rule. She was taught, from an early age, that she would one day take over her father's band of thieves and assassins and turn them into an army. She would find a way to conquer the world, one country at a time. She would have herself an empire, and she would start in the north of Europe.

She never expected that her plans for domination would align her with the armies of the undead. But then, she wasn't exactly opposed to it -- one evil is just exchanged for another. And she lived in the darkness, immersed herself in evil. Who was she to judge?

Cast Comic

First Appearance: #335: The End in Sight?
Last Appearance: #10: CVRPG Six, Part 1