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Frankie (Mirror)

Frankenstein's Creature of Earth 2


Before his rebirth as a horrific monstrosity in Dr. Frankenstein's lab, the creature previously known as Jeff had many aspirations. He'd planned to become a great musician, to write many ballads, to become world famous and adored by all. He knew he was going to change the world, he just had to find a way to do it.

While some might have thought his sudden death (in a tragic chicken wagon accident) ruined his plans for greatness. But for Jeff, death was only the beginning.

His head, his left hand, and three of his right toes were all that survived in good enough condition for Dr. Frankenstein to use, but since the brain was fresh, that was all that really mattered. With a little lightning, a dash of chemicals, and a lot of sewing, the mad doctor was able to bring Jeff back to life (after mixing a few other body parts into the whole -- a head, hand, and toes would have made for a living, if very short, being all on their own).

While the mixture of magic, science, and chemicals may have wiped many of Jeff's memories (including his name), it didn't wipe away his desire to be better than he was, his need for greatness. Finding new work with Dracula's crew (before it became Darkmoon's crew), the newly reborn Frankie (taking the name of his creator) moved his way up the corporate ladder to become one of the most trusted men in the evil firm. He's just waiting for the day he gets to take over.

Personality Details:

Although some might consider him nothing more than a minion, Frankie has aspirations. He's a quiet kind of thinker, but that doesn't mean he's dumb. No, Frankie knows when to hide in the background, wandering from hall to hall, keeping his head down. But he also knows when to pipe up, to share his opinion (especially when it sticks a knife in the back of someone else in the agency).

While his physical might would imply Frankie is a brawler, by nature he's cunning a wise, more apt to destroy with words than fists. He's a might in battle, to be sure, but he's more likely to take you out mentally without even having to destroy you physically.

Cast Comic

First Appearance: #660: A Hero's Welcome?
Last Appearance: #3: CVPRG II