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Evie Belmont

Fallen Hunter


The rise of the Sorceress and her abilities to amplify Dracula's powers and seemingly raise him instantly upon his death caused chaos across Romania and the rest of the world. It destabilized governments, caused endless wars, and all this destruction and fear only added to Dracula's own powers. It was an endless cycle of evil and death.

Through it all the Belmont clan persevered. Though their numbers dwindled and their power waned, they continued to try and fight the good fight from the shadows, all in a desperate hope that, one day, they would find a way to end the evil vampire once and for all.

In the end, that hope came down to two heroes, Evie Belmont and her brother, Alexander. Evie's father had gone to Castle Dracula to try and defeat the vampire lord, but he had failed, leaving the famed family whip, the Vampire Killer, in the hands of team evil. Evie, knowing full well that the only hope of defeating Dracula rested with that whip, took matters into her own hands and ventured to the castle, in secret, to try and regain the whip.

Sadly, she failed. Worse, still, Dracula didn't just kill her. Instead, he embraced the girl, turning her into a vampire, one of his vampire daughters. He gave her the whip, and combined with her newly inherited vampire powers, made her one of the most powerful forces of evil on the planet.

Personality Details:

As a vampire, Evie is not the same person she once was. The girl she used to be is gone, replaced by someone that looks like her, talks like her, and has her memories. But to her core she's now evil, bent on defending her vampire lord, Dracula, and ridding the world of heroes. And she's very good at her sworn duty.

As a Belmont she uses all the usual vampire hunting tools, from the cross to dagger, plus the famous Vampire Killer whip. But she couples these utilities with her innate vampire powers, granting her greater strength, greater control. She's a force to be reckoned with, and powerful creature of the night that's hard to stop.

Cast Comic

First Appearance: Alexander's Story
Last Appearance: #10: CVRPG Six, Part 1