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There was once a young boy in New York. He went into a pet store and bought four turtles. Exiting the toy store, a truck nearly ran into him, causing him to drop his turtles. A canister of waste rolled off the truck, following the turtles in the sewer. The turtles were bathed in the waste, which was actually a mutagenic ooze, cuaing them to mutate. They gained increased intelligence and size, taking on humanoid form. Trained by their master (a humanoid rat named Splinter who was also caught in the ooze), they became ninja masters. They made it their goal to keep their city safe from all the threats the police were ill-equipped to handle.

While the other turtles proved adept at ninjitsu in their own ways, Donnie showed an aptitude for technology. He was able to learn all about the tech he could find, molding and adapting it into new weapons and items the turtles were able to use in their pursuit of their sworn duty. He become their tinkerer, their master weapon smith, their collective Q.

Donnie wasn't just good with technology -- he was an absolute genius. Scoring way off the charts (not that he was ever formally tested), he was the smartest of the turtles and able to think his way around situations the others couldn't see coming. When they'd deal with Shredder (their arch nemesis) and Krang (his sorta-boss) at the Technodrome (a big, round, alien tank), it was Donnie that figured out how to disable the defenses of the vehicle and take down the threat. He was the one that figured out the secrets of the ooze, learned how to undo the nasty beasts Shredder would constantly send their way.

Sadly, though, he's yet to master the lessons of the heart.

Personality Details:

As the "smart" turtle, Donnie is often found in his workshop, putting together new tech. He does love to spend time with the rest of the guys, just hanging out, but often when the others are practicing their ninjitsu, Donnie is practicing his tech-fu. It's his skill, and he's damn good at it.

It's when April (the ravishing reporter who knows of the turtles' secret existence) comes over though that Donnie gets all confused. Some of the turtles think Donnie has a crush on their human friend, but out favorite turtle in purple has yet to admit to it.

Cast Comic

First Appearance: DSWC Villains Introduction #13: The Lustrous Chrome Dome
Last Appearance: #12: CVRPG Six, Part 2