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Darkmoon (Mirror)

The Darkmoon of Earth 2


Some people venture out into the world as a way of making a buck off the innocent, the needy, and the weak. Others go out in the name of to see the world, the visit cool places and taste the local cuisine (and, in the case of vampires such as Darkmoon, "cuisine" is short for "populace"). Still others do it because they have a limited skill-set with which to make a name in the world, and what better way to put their ability to beat people to a bloody pulp with their pinky than to do it in the name of "adventure".

Still, a few others do it for all those reasons and more -- the money, the fame, the favor of the local barmaids, and the power. Oh the power. No one earns all those things and more like an adventurer, one who's good at their job and can kick ass and take names (of kick names and take ass -- many are flexible on the particulars).

Of that last group, Xavier Darkmoon (Darkmoon, or just D, to his friends -- his enemies don't call him anything since they've already had their throats bitten out) is a member. Once a vampire working for Dracula (a man that needs no introductions), Darkmoon found a way to steal Dracula's powers and became the new lord of Romania. Arguably Darkmoon was better at the job than Dracula has ever been since, free to follow the plans he'd developed watching Dracula's repeated defeats, Darkmoon knew exactly what to do. Specially: kill all the Belmonts. Being an indescriminate killing machine, Darkmoon gathered around him the best warriors he could find to go out into the world and find every hero, every other adventurer, every fame-hungry soldier and either bring them to the fold or kill them.

Sure, Darkmoon is still and adventurer -- that's not the kind of thing that ever truly gets out of your blood (and vampires know all about blood). Even now he still goes out into the world to see the sights, to mee the populace, to sample the local cuisine. It can get very stuffy in a castle, and Darkmoon loves the fresh air.

Plus, it's never too late to make a quick buck. Darkmoon does like money.

Personality Details:

Being a soulless vampire suprisingly doesn't much change the underlying person. Humans have souls and are still able to do terrible things. Darkmoon isn't really that different. He may be evil but that's just because he's giving in to his basest instincts as a human. Human or vampire, evil is still evil.

But that doesn't mean he just goes looking for trouble. He may be evil but he's not stupid, and he knows when a fight is lost -- on his mind running when others might fight isn't cowardace, it's just smart strategy. "Live to run another day," is his reasoning.

He is also a greedy sort. As a vampire he doesn't have a lot of need for cash, but that doesn't stop him from hoarding it. Money does come in handy, sure, greases wheels, curries favors... buys women out of their dresses.

Everyone has their motivations.

Cast Comic

First Appearance: #335: The End in Sight?
Last Appearance: #10: CVRPG Six, Part 1