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Country Gnoll


When you're wandering out the woods, late at night, and you hear a rustling behind you, what could it be? A rabbit? Maybe a deer? It certainly could be a wolf, or a owl landing on a bush. Just wait for a second and listen. If you hear the telltale sound of a banjo, run. Run as a fast as you can. You'll wandered into Country Gnoll territory and you'll be lucky to get out alive.

There's no one Country Gnoll. They're a race of beings, an offshoot of the original gnoll species. While most knolls stay in the northern tundras and plains, some have come south. Most of these knolls joined the populace of other humanoid towns, installing themselves as weird, wolf-like fixtures of normal life.

But then you get the country knolls, a weird cultural offshoot that has gone in a weird and horrifying direction. They’re still knolls. They’re still outwardly nice albeit somewhat scary looking wolf creatures. But they have this dark side to them that causes even hardened adventurers to go, “country knolls? Hell no I’m not going there!”

Personality Details

Country knolls are scary. They’re predators of a very specific kind. Those stories you hear of teenagers getting lost in the backwoods only to discover a family of cannibals that kill, eat, and have their way with corpses? Those stories originated because of the country knolls.

Long ago, a certain group of knolls somehow got deeply into blood Magics and found that a particular gruesome lifestyle gave them unspeakable power. Now, they’ve gone so far into their weird, backwoods culture even “normal” knolls refuse to acknowledge their existence. The country knolls are too far gone.

Cast Comic

First Appearance: #13: Every Holy Warrior Has His Limits
Last Appearance: #12: CVRPG Six, Part 2