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Cornell II

The Other Clone


Once there was a hero named Richter Belmont. He... wasn't such a great guy. One day he bought a mail-order clone. That clone was an evil clone but since Richter was pretty evil to begin with, the clone actually ended up as a pretty decent chap. He was pretty nice to people, he treated Richter's wife well (since Richter himself wanted nothing to do with her), and was, over all, just a really good guy.

So, of course, the universe rebooted and removed him from existence.

The new universe had it's own Richter clone, one made by dark magic and bad decisions. In the process of his creation, though, a Cornell clone was also made. Like his brother, the semi-evil Richter, Cornell II was a mirror of the original Cornell. However, the first Cornell was actually a good dude -- lazy and unwilling to move, sure, but a good guy over all. As such, the second Cornell was a terrible human being. Evil through and through.

The magics of Dracula's castle really are fascinating.

Personality Traits:

As the evil clone of Cornell, Cornell II had a desire to prove himself the most evil version of Cornell he could. That's why he tried to become the lord of Dracula's domain (since, of course, Dracula had died again). The castle was just sitting there so someone had to rule it, right.

Leave it to heroes, though, to mess up a good evil plan. Still, we're sure another Cornell clone will be along eventually.

Cast Comic

First Appearance: #42: Two By Two
Last Appearance: #12: CVRPG Six, Part 2