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Chanukah Alec

The Blue Holiday Alec Prelude


Although there isn't, traditionally, a spirit of Chanukah (unlike with Christmas -- see Santa Alec), there has, deep down, kind of been a need for one. There are a whole lot of kids in the world, and Santa really doesn't have the time to hit all of them. Sure, some could argue that Santa Claus only serves the Christian children, but that would make him out to be a heartless beast and, say what you will about Alec, heartless is not one of his traits. So he realized there were kids that needed presents and they weren't covered under the duties assigned to the office of Santa.

Enter Alec Blue. Created (along with Red and Purple) but the original Alec Prelude through judicious use of the Four Sword, Blue was given the task of handling the good little Jewish boys and Girls of the world. Arguably this was a bigger task than Santa's job -- that man has to scurry around like a beast for one day, sure, but Chanukah is eight days long. That's a lot of days to handle, especially for one guy.

So he outsourced some of the work. He hired extra people to take on deliveries (which he paid a moderate, but well negotiated, wage) and started buying up all the technology (and weaponry) he could to make his job more efficient (and safe). Now he rules the eight days of the year he has to work and can spend more time relaxing in his off season.

Chanukah's never been so good.

Personality Details:

As the personification of the Jewish winter holiday, Blue has had a lot of leeway with his job. There hasn't been a spirit of the season before Blue took over, so unlike Red, Blue hasn't had a lot of traditions he's had to stick to (nor did he want to, anyway). Instead, Chanukah Alec has been making up his job as he goes.

That said, Blue does understand that not everyone out there is fans of the Jewish people (such as Ice Nazis, a very dangerous group indeed). As such, Blue has spent a good amount of money of weapons and other armaments, things he can use to protect his holiday at all costs.

Besides, he hasn't wanted a surface-to-air missile system? That's the right kind of gift to find tucked up the Chanukah bush.

Cast Comic

First Appearance: The Four Swords
Last Appearance: #12: CVRPG Six, Part 2