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Alexander Belmont


As one of two Belmont children, Alex always knew there was a chance he'd end up facing off against Dracula. Being a Belmont, especially one living in a world that's been under the rule of Dracula for hundreds of years, means that one day the whip will end up in your hands -- you either pick it up to fight vampires or you flee your fate completely.

However, Alex was one of two children. His younger sister, Evie, was always ore skilled with the whip that Alex ever was. Although older, and male, Alex had trouble wielding the energies of the legendary Vampire Killer -- he was always more skilled crafting than fighting. So when his father announced that Evie would be the one to inherit the whip, Alex was relieved, not angry.

Sadly, fate had other designs on the Belmont clan. Their father was killed in a vampire attack, and Evil and Alex were left to fend for themselves. Vowing revenge, Evie took up the vampire hunting mantle and charged off to Dracula's castle. Alex waited for her, but his sister never came back. Not really.

What came back was a vampire with the Belmont powers, the Belmont strength, and his sister's face. She attacked Alexander, took his arm as a trophy, and left him for dead. But he lived instead. He lived, but he never truly found a way to live, not as a Belmont again.

Hiding away in a cave, Alex built himself a new, metal arm. He became a tinker, and engineer of items and weapons, but not a hero in his own right. And there, in that cave, he would have lived until the Belmont name truly died with him, if not for a hero from a past era who came calling one day...

Personality Details:

Alexander doesn't much like heroes -- his sister was a hero and he saw how well that ended. As far as he was concerned heroes were nothing but trouble, and the life they lived would only get them killed. Sure he'd make items and gear, but that was to make money to live -- true weapons for heroes were worthless to him, something to be shunned.

Because the only evil left to fight was the big evil, the last evil -- Dracula. And no one was going to be able to kill that vampire, right?

Cast Comic

First Appearance: #1673: Shopkeep
Last Appearance: #12: CVRPG Six, Part 2