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Alec Prelude (Purple)

Hero, Rockstar, Legend


To understand how there can be a second Alec (well, actually, four of them), you have to know about the existence of the Four Sword. A legendary items once wielded by Link, the Four Sword eventually fell into the hands of our friendly neighborhood paladin, Alec. As is well known, Alec and Link share a number of traits in common, not the least of which is that they both link the color green. So when Alec gained the Four Sword, it felt like a natural fit.

Using the Four Sword, Alec was able to split himself into four Alecs: Green, Red, Blue, and Purple. Together, they formed a traveling band and toured the world, scoring record deals and lots of money (and groupies). Despite what you may have heard, they did not go into business as representations of Earth holidays. That's, of course, totally silly.

Sadly, fate was not on the side of the Four Alecs. A freak accident at a show left the Alec down three, with only Purple still alive. Although he toured for a while, he eventually retired from the life of a rock star. Maybe one day he'll find his musical nature again (I hear that awesome band, Righteous Heretics, is looking for a guitarist). But until then...

Personality Details

Like the original Alec, Purple (as he likes to be called) is a heroic sort, good natured and kind. He also has music deep in his bones, always humming a tune or whistling a ditty. It was only natural for him to go into music, to follow his destiny to become a star.

He didn't choose the music. The music chose him. And with it, he had to rock!

Cast Comic

First Appearance: #415: Where Are They Now?
Last Appearance: #12: CVRPG Six, Part 2