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Alec Prelude (Mirror)

The Alec of Earth 2


Raised in a small farming town, Alec was born to humble roots. While his eldest brother took over the family farm, and his next brother joined the military (much like tradition dictated), Alec looked to becoming a dark priest, oe who ruled the powers of the gods to his will. The fact that the town didn't have much of a church (let alone an evil one devoted to worshipping the dark gods like Alec needed - the best they had was a clown college which, while evil, lacked the aura of menace Alec desired) wasn't something that would deter Alec.

No, once he was of age and ready to head out into the world, Alec left to pursue his destiny. Of course, it was never clear to anyone besides Alec what his destiny was... including Destiny herself. But for Alec he knew what he would do -- he'd learn all he could and bring forth a Dark God. Because, hey, when youre young and evil, why not?

And so it was that Destiny took Alec on a little journey. Well, not literally. Alec ventured out for quite some time, and Destiny did everything she could to send the young religious nut-job back towards the path she'd chosen for him. She's sent him on a trip with pirates, crash him into an island, even had him meet up with a girl who was perfect for the proper, holy orders. But, no matter where he went or what he did, it always ended him up in the same place: a school for religious youngsters that was anything but what it seemed. It was evil, which was perfect for Alec.

At this point Destiny threw up her hands and went to have a cup of tea and bit of a lie-down.

Once Alec reached the school that turned out trained evil priests for battle, Alec knew he had found his true calling (Destiny, meanwhile, rolled over on her couch and put a pillow over her head). Alec trained all he could in learning to tap into the dark magics, and, when the time was right, he killed their priests in charge and took over the school.

This is what brought out you dictator to the attention of this universe's Darkmoon. And their team-up was formed.

Personality Details:

When it comes to describing Evil Alec, some words do not come to mind: gentle, trusting, courageous, heroic. After years of traveling the countryside (especially working with Evil Darkmoon), Evil Alec managed to hone that dark, ruthless, killer instinct that has come to define him.

Through his years of training Alec has become the most powerful, most bloodthirsty dark priest the world had ever seen -- even more powerful that Shaft (rightful owner of the name "The Dark Priest"). Needless to say, this Alec is a perfect fit for the legions of crazed minions lurking in Count Darkmoon's castle.

Cast Comic

First Appearance: #335: The End in Sight?
Last Appearance: #3: CVPRG II