#172: Tough Situation
We're reaching a point in both comics where situations are going to align again. We'll discuss those moments as we get to it, but I mention this because while looking through the original series to check comic numbers and get my timing right, I ran across a TMNT comic (on comic 172). Since I'd started a little recurring series with the TMNT in Villains, it seemed fitting to do another comic in that run for the TMNT.

The line is from Star Wars. It was the first line of dialogue I thought of for this comic, and so I had to write backwards in my head to find a way to work it in. I think it worked out pretty well.

As you should know if you saw the CGI animated TMNT flick (which I love is part of the continuity of the three previous, live-action movies -- great work there, Hollywood! I mean that), Master Splinter loves his "stories". Personally, I bet he's a General Hospital fan. Just gut instinct.

Nice to be able to use my Tokka and Razar sprites. This is pretty much the only time I can, since neither of their sheets are all that detailed or functional.

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