#171: Crossing the Line

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The comic title is inspired by the trope of "Crossing the Line Twice". The line is, of course, the point in any joke or situation where the moment stops being funny and becomes dreadful. To cross it twice is to then keep carrying out the joke, further and further, until you manage to cross that line a second time, making the situation so offensive or ludicrous or drawn out that it just becomes funny again.

Theoretically you can cross the line again, and then again, but really each successive crossing becomes harder to manage. You really have to bring out your A game to take a joke from funny to not-funny to funny again, back to not funny, and then yet again make it funny.

Here, the whole punchline (which wasn't originally intended to cross the line twice), was funny, but then I came up with a second one on the fly... so I wrote it in, too. But then I thought of a third. And a fourth. And by the fourth, the whole situation, which felt just a little drawn out, became offensive and funny again.

Thank you, Richter, for being a double-line-crossing douche.

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