#7: Getting Down to Business
In case you haven't read the special Introduction arc I wrote for newbies, Dracula is gifted with the ability to rise from the grave every 100 years. He can be brought back (through various means) by his servants before the 100 years mark, but like clockwork he'll come back at that 100 year point no matter what.
Shredder, on the flip, has been killed in various continuities on a number of occasions. He doesn't always come back from it. In the games, Shredder is able to transform into Super Shredder. Super Shredder came from the movies, where he very much died. No coming back, do no pass Go, do not collect 200 dollars.
And yet, in the games he does come back, regularly, proving that even his death at the end of the movie (where in the movie continuity he stays dead) was only temporary (for the games continuity).
Really, it makes Shredder a lot like Dracula.
2016-08-10 19:54:04 
I still insist that every Shredder is the Ultrom Ch'Rell. Maybe sometimes in different bodies, maybe in one so sophisticated it needs to eat and Ch'rell is just the brain of it. Still.

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