#2: Fair Fight
The Turtles are all custom sprites not directly based on any previously existing sprites. I did model their attacks off of frames from the TMNT Tournament Fighter game and TMNT IV, both on the SNES, but since those sprites are easily 4 times larger than the ones in this series, it was simply as a reference and for ideas instead of tracing.
However, when we talk about tracing and pallet-hacking, Shredder, Tokka, and Razar are all direct sprite hacks. Shredder is a redo of Magus from "Chrono Trigger". They're both bad asses, so I didn't feel bad about it. Shredder's helmet, though, was a custom work.
Razar is one of the wolves from "Secret of Mana" while Tokka was based on the Reptites from "Chrono Trigger".
Most of the sprite work and hacks for this series were done well before the arc. I wanted to make sure I had everything ready ahead of time, as otherwise I'd have never gotten the project done. Having to do sprite work (and make it look good) is a time consuming process. To note, Tokka doesn't do anything much in this series because I only had two frame ready of him by the time I started in, and I wasn't going back to make more while I was in the midst of it.
And, yes, that is the classic line of Tokka and Razar's from the second TMNT movie. It's how you know it's them.

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