#3: Turtle Rumble

This Comic's Cast:

This would actually be the end section of only the first Technodrome from "TMNT IV". There'a whole other half to the game once you're sucked into the big portal and sent back in time. Hope I didn't ruin it for anyone, because, I mean, the game is called "TMNT IV: Turtles in Time".
Shredder having magic is a bit of a divergence from the cartoon continuity, but he's had magic in the TMNT games, so the comic's version is really an amalgamation of the cartoon, game, and movies. TMNT has so many continuities it's hard to keep track of them anyway (so why bother).
Krang's walker is a custom creation. Krang, however, was based on the Octo monsters from "Chrono Trigger". He was very heavily modified, but the base provided a good shape for his little brain tentacles and general orb-iness.

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