Halloween Special #5: Costume Hints
Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, but that's only because all the good horror movies are on TV and I can buy bags of cheap candy. Plus, you know, bats and black cats have a certain, appealing aesthetic. That said, I usually make myself scarce during the trick-or-treating (I'm not sharing my candy), and I really don't do much for costumes.
For years I used to go as Dracula, as I had a costume (that my mom made and I adapted until I got too old to wear parts of it any longer). Then I was a vampire victim, then a vampire hunter. I'm sensing a theme.
A couple times in college I went "goth" with some friends and we all went to Olive Garden (just to screw with the wait staff).
After that, I took the lazy route and just went out as "myself from next week".
Recently I went to a "Politically Incorrect" party, and so overshot the mark for offensive that, had there been a contest, I would have won it by a mile. That said, I'm not shring what my costume was (it was that offensive).

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