Sooper Sonic #1000: On a Mission
The last of the fake comics for Comic 800, this one being all about Sonic.
Now, take what I said about Mega Man in the previous commentary and amplify it. That's exactly how I feel about Sonic the Hedghog comics.
This comic, however, is specifically a riff on one guy that contacted me once or twice, asking me about the angels in the series. That guy, specifically, really wanted me to make a character for him that was an angel (male) that was kicked out of Heaven by God. He went to Earth and used his fire magic to get into trouble.
I couldn't really figure out if the guy had actually read my comics and just missed the fact that I already had that character in the series (she's called Sindra), or if he didn't care and just wanted me to redo the same ideas and jokes until they stopped being funny.
No thank you. I already have a lock on running unfunny jokes into the ground. I don't nee the help of a new character to do that.

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