#53: Fetching
And so the quest becomes a long, drawn out Fetch Quest. Points to note:
- In Symphony, Alucard and Maria almost have a thing. But Alucard is, like, so totally dark and broody and stuff, and he's like curse with the blood, of, you know, like, evil and stuff, so their love (which would be so totally hot OMG) just can't happen, like, you know, for sure.
- Frankie and Mummy get to crossover into DSWC. I always enjoy doing that. Shard Continuity for the win.
- This comic series happened before CVRPG II (or, at least, before that game really got going), as Link is in his blue tunic.
- Ugh, my Spies are so flat and boring looking. I really need to recolor them at some point.
- If you ever played the old Final Fantasy on the NES, then you know you were limited to 4 letters (ALL IN CAPS) for your character names. Voila, FRED.

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