#3569: How About a Song?

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I am so damn proud of this comic. I did not expect to write a song when I brought Link back in, but it just happened and I love it. Plus I got to use the instruments I made from the last big The Band arc, which also made me happy.

Of note, this was originally going to be Comic #3565 because I was spacing out this part of Shaft's plotline for every five comics (at the end of the week, on the 5s and 0s). But then I realized when I wrote it that we were only four comics away from our next Comic #83 iteration (83 times 43 for #3569) so I felt like, at that point, I had to move it four comics later. It didn't hurt the flow of the rest of the arc at all, since this part is self-contained, so that worked out nicely.

That said, I'm not counting this as an official The Band comic because it doesn't feel right to give it that designation if the actual band, Righteous Heretics, aren't in the comic (at least a couple of members). Link, Shaft, and Bucky might have all appeared in that sub-series but none of them were ever official members of The Band, so I don't think it should count.


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