#69 1/2: One of those Interlude Things

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First off, I dunno why I did a half comic. I wasn't stalling for time, and I didn't have anything particular I needed to do. I just felt like it...
The idea for the comic itself (the rivalry between Death and Shaft) comes from a fanfiction a while back. I hate fanfic for the most part. It always is too... well, fanish. I like ripping into things and fun and stupidity, and most fans are too uptight to do that.
Anyway, the fanfic, Castlevania 1970: the Disco of Evil... which was improv, actually, had a big rivalry tween the Shaftmaster and Death. I liked it, I swiped it. I may eventually turn it into a plotline, but for now, it's basically just this comic. One of the few stand-alone comics that really doesn't connect to anything else... Well, except in the long run, where Shaft has a big power trip.
He does seem to be trippin' now. He's easy to write in the "drunk with power" mind-frame.

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