#3000, Part 121: Really, Truly Revealed

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I'm sure somehow of you had this figured out, but yes, the weird ball of light (and the strange A.I. that was talking to us earlier) is the Stalker Admiral. I did leave those weird egg sacks around back in the last game, and we had to pay them off somehow. Now, I do recognize that I haven't been labeling his plotline at all (let alone as "The Savage Stalkers" which is what we'd probably use for it), but in this case I really didn't think we should. Labeling his plotline would ruin his reveal, but he also is a ball of light and an computer A.I. Hard to argue that he's one of the stalkers anymore.

2018-02-13 08:35:45 
Actually, my money would have been on Mirror Alec transcending to a higher plane of existence on his death, but unable to interact (since there are no other worshippers of the Elder God) until technology progressed to the point where he could exist as an artificial intelligence. The other Mirror counterparts (also oblivious to his existence) opened the breach between worlds and allowed him to enter and exact his revenge against Darkmoon in my theory. I was wrong, and this is why I'm broke.
2018-02-13 22:50:36 
Damn it, that's good. Wish I'd thought of it...

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