#2435: Objects in Mirror

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That is one big assed ship.

Now, realistically, depending on where the Siren is in relation to the Earth (and I purposefully kept it vague here for that reason) that ship could be too big to comfortably rest in a close, natural orbit of the Earth (bear in mind we're only seeing about a half to a third of its full length). We'll just fudge that detail for now.

It is a ship from a larger project I may discuss here at some point. I have story plans that aren't related to CVRPG, but, as I've commented before, I have trouble keeping my universes separate. This is just the first bit of a possible, long-term cross-over (if I ever get that other project up and running). We shall see...
2015-06-19 10:39:11 
Holy *! Look at the size of that sucker! I don't know what function all those greeblies on the hull DO, but whoever built it really wanted them to do it in as many directions as possible all at once!
anonymous coward
2015-06-20 22:37:00 
I'm skeptical that this truly is a 'big assed ship.' Maybe its ass is actually just the right size for it, and a smaller ass would be too small. Or maybe it's a ship and ships don't have asses? Just guessing here, but describing a ship as having a big ass seems wrong to me somehow.

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