#210: The Confrontation

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And this ties in nicely with a bit of an error I had earlier. See, Katrina was cursed by Shaft (not killing anything, as this happened a long time ago in the comic). But, when they were wandering in Dracula's castle, they encounter Shaft.
And Katrina doesn't say a damn thing. Hrmmm.
I could play it off, and I do in the next comic, but I'll come clean here: I forgot Katrina was Shaft's apprentice. Oops, but trust me, this is not the worst of the continuity errors I will end up having.
2015-05-08 22:30:30 
Katrina is briefly a catgirl again in this comic despite not being one in her previous appearance OR the next one...
Mike Finkelstein
2015-05-08 22:33:32 

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