#169: On the Battlefront

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Far as I know, there's only one Zelda game where you could kill the chickens, and you had to use fire. This isn't that game, and she didn't use fire. Too bad for her.
Up top, I continue to beat the Zelda jokes. It was a good source of material, and by a certain point I wasn't gonna be able to do too many more. Had to get them out of my system while I could.
2014-02-06 17:10:35 
I think in the Game boy games, you could kill those blasted birds. Link's Awakening and the Oracle games.
2015-08-21 04:24:09 
The only LoZ game I know of in which you can kill the "chickens" is Link's Awakening. You can just hit them with your sword. But now that I think of it, you might be able to kill them with magic powder in A Link to the Past. Xander, the guy who posted before me, mentioned the Oracle games. However, I believe this to be false, because I don't remember there being any "chickens" in the Oracle games. If I can find my GBA, then I will replay them to make sure.

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