#113: It

This Comic's Storylines:

Firstly, originally Angel was supposed to be named Eden. The Angel character actually wasn't creadted for the comic (and you can skip this bit if I've said this before). He dropped into the old forum RPG for like, two posts, then the dude playing him (a friend of mine) flaked out. We kept the Angel, but drastically rewrote him from what my friend was thinking.
This, why his name is all weird and why, from time to time, I have to spend time fleshing out his character. It's because he's the least written, for me, of all the character. A new invention, not really based on previously made characters or character-concepts.
Oh, and the kitty is a sprite representation I made of my cat, Miss Kitty. No, I didn't name her. I think the name comes from Gunsmoke. A bartender chick. The person who named her didn't even realize Kitty = Cat when they did it. Just one of those weird things O_o.

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