#92: Namesake

This Comic's Storylines:

This is another specific comic Mab and I had planned from Day One. Here, originally she was going to draw Darkmoon doing the "slow rotation of the head." It'd take about as long as it does here, with Darkmoon slowly turing, with an angry face, to then lash out at Katrina, only at the last second to be stopped by Alec (remember, originally the Darkie jokes were supposed to go earlier in the comic).
Of course, with my doing the comic mostly alone, changes had to be made. Now, Darkmoon stares Katrina down. To show the passing of time, Princess slowly edges her way out of the panels. Angel stops Darkmoon, hilarity ensues.
I like the way this comic plays out, but I think Mab's drawn version might have been better. Ah well.

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