#90: Freedom!

This Comic's Storylines:

This is my subtle omage to Bill and Ted. The Wild West sequence where they pick up Billy the Kid. This is what I love about a multidimensional character. I can reference most anything I like, as long as I have the other characters play dumb.
At one point it was asked if, since the Angel is multidimensional, and can exist in his own timeline, seperate from the common timestream, how does he avoid violating his own future but learning about his own time stream and events that will happen, thereby creating paradox. Yes, I have an answer:
If we think about it that people living in 3 dimensions (with the commonly termed 4th dimension of time), we can only see the present, travel slowly into the future, and remember the past. We can't learn what will happen, only predict what could happen. Same goes from the Angel. He is unable to forsee his own future timestream events, only predict what could befall him.
At least, that's what I say to get people off my back. Picky fuckers. It's a comic, people. Jeez.

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