#71: Chance Encounter

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This is another of those comics Mab was originally slated to do, but I took it over. See, this ties into Comic 102, the one with the Archangel Damaris. Originally, like Damaris, Angel was to pop in naked.
See, we'd get a nice shot of man ass (for the ladies, I swear), and the whole joke woulda run as "I have come to lend my mighty sword to your hand!" with Katrina being the one to say "and what I mighty sword it is," with her looking at his crotch... Ah, cock jokes.
As it is, I don't have nude sprites of Angel, nor did I feel like making them or getting them. I am only willing to go so far for my craft. So, I changed it. Went from some nice fanservice and a good cock joke to a good gay joke. All it takes is changing the speakers.
I still like the joke though.
2015-10-13 05:09:57 
sword jokes, will those ever run out of style?...

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