#40: One Night Stand

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And so we venture into a new plotline (and for those of you that keep up with the commentaries, a second round of commenting). I had Princess and I needed to introduce her character, and really familiarize her, to the the readers... you guys.
This plotline does show the main reason why I went back to speech bubbles. Darkmoon and Princess have similar colors. Princess and Bunny do as well (as will be evidenced later). When you couple them all together, you get a big mass of pinkish-redness. I'd hate to see that with Dracula as well.
Remember folks, when making a web comic, use bubbles.
It's amazing looking back on some of these old comics, and realizing how much I tightened up my style over time. There aren't really any overlapping panels, and there's just a ton of wasted space in the comic. It feels so cramped in comparison to what I'm doing now.
2015-10-13 02:52:07 
use bubbles? nah, i learned that colored text and some lines get the job done just right... i mean, sometimes i use bubbles, but they hold a sound effect instead of text.

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