#2440: First Impressions

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So here we see our first two soldiers for the Terran League of Planets. And hey, I put in a character that isn't white! I don't mean to make that sound condescending, and if it does sound that well, let's go with self-effacing. I fully admit I have failed to have a lot of characters of color -- any color -- and those I included (like Blacula and Shaft) are villains.

So, since I'm doing the art now I'm trying to make a concerted effort to put more characters of different colors in the comic. I have more control over the art, and the characters, and the setting, so let's see what I can do.

To note, I originally intended for the soldiers to just stun Darkmoon, but it's been 800 years -- he can take the damage.
2015-06-26 01:25:42 
"To note, I originally intended for the soldiers to just stun Darkmoon, but it's been 800 years -- he can take the damage." But THEY don't know that, so this decision changes a lot about their character. Had they stunned him, they would be just two "jumpy" dudes, but now they're two soldiers who *shoot to kill on sight*.
anonymous coward
2015-06-26 05:03:23 
Hmm, generally speaking 'stun' weaponry varies somewhere between lethal and ineffective. That means a serious army doesn't tend to have much stun weaponry around except as special contingency stuff for riot gear and such. On the other hand, maybe they are using stun weaponry but it's like cases of fatal tazings: These dudes panicked and kept firing until Darkmoon hit the floor. That's pretty normal performance for that kind of firefight by jumpy, inexperienced soldiers actually: He was almost on top of them! They didn't notice him until he was right behind them and saying something!
2015-06-27 23:52:20 
Those COULD be Stunning Laser weapons. Or they could be actual Death Laser weapons. With all the EXP Darkmoon has no doubt accumulated over the centuries from questing (With a spot of lazing about from time to time) he could be a high enough level that even lethal weaponry won't do much damage to him anymore. Plus I bet Darkmoon also put some training in sneaking, thus why they were startled. He technically DID sneak up on them. Or I could be wrong and those are stunners on the lowest power setting or something and Darkmoon neglected his defensive stats. ...Either way, those Terrans are JUMPY.

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