#101 1/2: Later at Castlevania

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Firstly, it's amazing just how many random minions I was able to amass. I mean, yeah, Castlevania has a lot of enemies in its repertoire. But you have to consider that each and every character that pops in either has to be made for this comic, or has to come from a compatable RPG. There just aren't that many useful sprites of CV like characters.
In other ramblings, I got a complaint that I changed the personalities of Nathan and Samus too much from how they are in their own games. Part of it's my own changes, but part of it is just natural evolution for the characters. Let me elaborate.
Samus never had much of a personality to me. Now, I haven't played Metroid Fusion, so maybe they gave her a bit more personality there, but all I ever got off her was "strong female, bounty hunter." So I tried to think what kinda person would get into high level bounty hunter. The persona that seemed funniest and most workable was greedy.
Nathan I tried to keep closer to the original character, but, I started having the heroes cross lines. They had to do the occasional thing they wouldn't normally have done (either out of greed or because of the situation) eventually, they got so crossing those lines was easier, and their personalities changed.
Lucca seems to have changed the least. She's just stuck with these people.
2014-10-17 06:47:24 
This is more of a comment to your comment. I realize that up until Metroid Other M most Americans knew very little of Samus's back-story (thanks to it only being available in Japanese) so I'll fill in the details as to why she became a bounty hunter in her original setting here (I personally don't have any problems with what you've done, aside from the greed you're actually amazingly close). The colony world that Samus is originally from was attacked by the Space Pirates (those man-sized insect like things that tend to shoot lasers at you in the games) while she was a young child. By the time the Chozo (those statues are nearly life sized and accurate portrayals of a Chozo, hence why they're called Chozo statues) arrived in response to the distress call she was the only survivor. They took her in and raised her within their culture, and although I don't know why (I suspect because she wanted to get vengeance on the Space Pirates) trained her as a Chozo Warrior. Her power-suit is actually a Chozo power-suit modified to fit a human (thus the reason she is so insanely powerful in comparison to other humans). Initially she joined the Galactic Federation's military forces to get a chance to strike back at the Space Pirates (for whatever reason they actually let her use her 'personal' power-suit), but she didn't have the mentality for it at the time and eventually left. She then took up Bounty Hunting as a means to continue to go after the Space Pirates, the bounties on them being a nice bonus for slaughtering her most hated enemy. Also, the reason she starts most games with almost no weapons and such is because she typically turns all of the 'extra' stuff over to the Galactic Federation so they can attempt to reverse engineer it to improve their own tech.
Mike Finkelstein
2014-12-31 10:23:25 
All very reasoned and logical. Of course, at this time this comic came out Other M hadn't even been imagined, so it's not as if we had a lot of story to play with (not unless you read a lot of fan-fiction and other stuff, which I did not). But hey, sounds like my Samus isn't that far off after all. ;)

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