#685: The Hero Enters

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I'm alluding to the fact that we've wandered into Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse. I wanted to do this because we just hadn't had a lot of appearances from the other heroes of the Castlevania universe. DSWC has evolved to be very Dracula X/Symphony-centric and, with the exception of Cornell, all the Castlevania characters that show up were a part of the games that took place during that era of the series (or, in the case of Hanz, a cancelled game that was supposed to be in that era).

So this is a way to get back to DSWC's roots. Since we went through a reboot that cleaned up the timeline (even if it didn't manage to get rid of all the weird character crossovers from other universes) the only way to have other Castlevania heroes show up is by dropping characters into other time periods. And there we go. Trevor joins the series, and even better, he'd never had a starring role before so that's pretty cool.

Now, I realize in the past, when Trevor showed up in CVRPG (and maybe one cameo in DSWC if I'm remembering correctly) he had a green glow to his text. But Frankie also has a green glow (the same shade, no less) as does Link (at a darker shade), so I had to do something different. The green for Trevor was based on his Evil Trevor appearance in Symphony (where he wore green), but here he's in yellow-brown, so I'm letting him use Simon's color just for ease of reading. Makes more sense this way.

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