#686: The More the Merrier

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That damned four sword. I've caused more trouble in my comics because of it than I really like to think about, and yet it's still fun to go back to it, time and again. It's just such a messed up item.
2015-09-11 12:13:12 
I always kinda wondered what Link's take on the whole mess in the game world he lived in would be. I mean, with each new game, the chances of it following cannon was pretty slim. Just how many Of those games could Seriously claim to be the "one true Link"? It's like when they switch out the actors in a tv show and think nobody will notice that "Fred" looks less Like Fred and more like Ginger.
Mike Finkelstein
2015-09-11 13:18:33 
I could swear that Nintendo, for the longest time, floated the idea that all Zelda games were just a retelling of the first game -- they all were just different versions of the same Zelda myth. I know they have a chronology out that slots everything, but I think, deep down, Nintendo still holds on to the "each game is the same story" idea.
2016-02-25 13:16:25 

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