#677: Tricks and Traps

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Since I'm putting Hanz through an 8-bit arc, I have to do the same for Alucard and Link. It's only fair (and properly mirrored, which is the way these comics work now).

What Alucard is referring to is that he (and Simon) actually did an 8-bit arc a while back (a short one, mind you). This was way back, in the first few chapters of original recipe DSWC. The reason he's having trouble remembering is is because I rebooted the universe. That arc no longer exists.

Yeah, we're getting trippy all up here. Sometimes the consequences of my actions do matter.

Link is in the Adventure of Link outfit. I recolored it slightly, changing the brown to grey to match his current outfit. I didn't cover his legs in leggings, though, because the sprite is limited in colors and I felt it looked back to just changing it to the grey of the rest of his outfit. If I had to go with a contrast color, flesh-tone is the only way to go.

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