#676: Don't Mess This Up

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I will admit there was a part of me that was tempted to have Link get torn out of the universe, causing an even bigger issue with more and more characters tearing their way into this world. Then the heroes would have to go on a bigger quest to reboot the universe and save the comic.

But eh... I didn't really set it up and it was a flight of fancy as I was writing this comic. Besides, I already did the reboot thing once -- not sure I can get away with it again. Is that a well you can go back to too often?
2015-08-18 00:48:13 
Well really, it doesn't matter what they end up doing. The fact that Link eventually got out of the tower means that whatever they did didn't get in the way of him doing that, because otherwise he wouldn't have gotten out in the first place.

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