#12: Continuity?

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And here we have the first major divergence of the two continuities. In the original series, the fight happens between Simon Belmont (who predates Richter by 100 years, and if the comic followed normal continuity would be dead) and Alucard (who is perfectly fine existing in the late 1700s, when this comic would presumably take place). With the continuity reboot in DSWC, the comic was adjusted to properly follow true Castlevania continuity.

As such, no Simon Belmont in the 1700s. Instead, Richter and Cornell, for whatever idiotic reason, stage the fight between Alucard and Hanz Belmont (Hanz being Richter's brother... a liberty I took with continuity and refuse let go of).

Death has full knowledge of the previous continuity as well as the new, since he can see every when-and-where simultaneously. Richter and Cornell have to act like nothing is amiss, as their past selves aren't protected from the time stream like Death's is.

Isn't rebooting continuity fun?

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