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So this is an alternate take on a comic I wrote (original comic #3739). Technically it's the original take on the comic but I wanted to share it to illustrate a bit of the writing process. As I'm sure you noticed when reading this comic, Raye engages in a bit of revenge porn in this comic. I found the thing funny when I wrote it, but once I was going back over it, putting in the bubbles, I got very uncomfortable about it. Revenge porn is a serious issue online right now and I really shouldn't make light of it. Raye is not the best person, yes, having spent time as a villain, and her keeping blackmail material like this on Darkmoon is perfectly in character for her, but that doesn't make it right. Once I realized what I'd done I went back over it and changed the blackmail she used on him. making it something stupid he did, not something pornographic -- him being dumb is fine so long as it's not revenge porn.

So yeah, sometimes you write something and you're too close to it to notice the fucked up thing you just did. This is why it's always good to take a few minutes away from a scripted piece, go back, and read it again to avoid anything too awful.


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