Halloween Special #2: Costumes
The holidays are a favorite time of mine with the comic. I like doing the Supplementals for the holidays, and the fans seem to really dig em too. Incentive for me to get creative. I couldn't, though, think of a good direct sequel to the first Halloween comic (Mummy's Day Off), so instead I came up with a new idea.
Of note, the Supplementals, unless otherwise obvious, all occur in and "outside continuity", one where the characters are on-set. It's sorta like seeing the actors for a play when they aren't in character. I reference this idea once in a while, so it seemed like a good idea to explain it if you hadn't already caught on.
Also, I made that Darkmoon sprite based on the Chicken Candidate sprite (the one where the Chicken is in a blue suit). I tried to make a side sprite, but failed, which is why Darkmoon just turns his head.

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